Questions & Answers

> Where does Treevitalise birch water come from?
Our birch water is harvested from wild birch trees at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe. We also harvest from organic forests of the vast Baltic plains, where tapping for birch sap is a generations-old tradition.
> Does birch water contain sugar?
Birch water is very light to taste and has delicate sweetness which comes from the tree's own natural sugars, which is mostly fructose. It's a tiny amount (no more than 1g per 100ml) and we never add any extra sugars or sweeteners. It's lovely and refreshing as it is.
> Why do you use citric acid?
As birch water perishes very quickly, we gently pasteurise ours and then add a tiny amount of citric acid to balance its pH to a safe level. This allows us to preserve all of the water's natural goodness between the harvests, without spoiling its delicate flavour.
> I'm diabetic, can I still drink Treevitalise?
Yes, you can, as long as you're fine to consume the small amount of low-GI natural sugar in TreeVitalise. You should always check with your doctor if unsure.
> Why can I currently only buy Treevitalise in glass bottles?
We believe glass is an ideal media for birch water due to its excellent barrier properties and full recyclability. We are committed to glass but are also working to introduce a range in TetraPak cartons to offer our customers better convenience.