Frequently asked questions

Our water is harvested mainly from wild birch trees at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe. We also harvest from select areas of the vast Baltic plains, where tapping for birch sap is a generations-old tradition.

Yes, all of our products are fully certified as organic.

Each 250ml bottle contains just 10 calories*, and it’s all from a tiny amount of naturally occurring sugar (most of which is fructose) in the birch sap.

*The amount of natural sugar and nutrients may vary slightly from batch to batch, depending on the surrounding soil and individual tree, but it is minimal.

Birch water has a delicate sweetness which comes from the tree's own sugar, which is mostly fructose. It's a tiny amount (0.8g per 100ml) and we never add any extra sugars or sweeteners to it.

Yes to both. We’re proud to be endorsed by the Vegetarian Society, and enjoy being part of the community.

Yes, you can, as long as you’re fine to consume the small amount of low-GI natural sugar in TreeVitalise.

We chose glass because it’s hygienic, easy to recycle and shows off the wonderfully clear water inside. We also think that the glass bottles themselves are beautiful, and combined with their outstanding barrier properties, they help to preserve the natural goodness of the living water inside.

We don’t recommend freezing it inside the bottle, but you can pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it that way. It also makes great ice lollies for the kids!

As birch water perishes very quickly, we gently pasteurise ours and then add a tiny amount of citric acid to balance its pH to a safe level. This allows us to preserve all of the water’s natural goodness, without affecting its delicate flavour.

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